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What is a non-advised annuity?

A non-advised annuity sale means that we do not provide advice on which annuity you should select. We leave that choice to you because it comes with no-obligation and no pressure to proceed.

The benefit of using Annuity Works to help you find your annuity comes from our ability to get you free quotes from all annuity providers, giving you a list of annuities to choose from with absolutely no pressure from us to proceed.

Unlike some annuity providers, we take into account your lifestyle choices and health conditions when searching the open market, allowing us to obtain quotes for enhanced annuities for those who qualify.


Enhanced Annuities

Our free annuity quote system collects information about you that enables us to find you the best annuity for your exact circumstances. This data is transmitted and stored securely for your peace of mind.

Collecting this data, allows us to provide you with quotes for what’s known as an ‘enhanced annuity’. An enhanced annuity differs from a standard annuity in that it takes into account all of your health conditions and lifestyle choices, such as how much alcohol you drink or whether you’re a smoker. Some providers offer you a larger annuity due to the reduced life expectancy that often comes with these lifestyle choices and certain health conditions.

The adjacent graph illustrates the difference health conditions make to an annuity quote based on a 65 year old person, with a £250,000 pension for a single life annuity, guaranteed for life.

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