Defined Benefit Pensions

Pension Works are one of the UK’s leading independent, Defined Benefit Advice specialists.

We support financial advisers by advising on your clients’ Defined Benefit pension transfers, whilst allowing you to retain the funds under management and receive up to 30% of our Full Advice Fee.

Pension Assessment

Our experts will assess your client's Final Salary pension and present the options to the client without jargon. Our advice will always be in their best financial interests.

Independent and
Fixed, transparent costs
Pension Transfer Gold Standard

Client Journey


Initial Engagement

At the start of the process we take the time to explain everything to your client, as well as issuing our Terms of Business and brochure, which includes an overview of our charges. If we have not already obtained a signed Letter of Authority, we will ask your client to sign and return this for their pensions.


Information Gathering

When we receive the signed Letter of Authority, we will contact the pension providers to gather any relevant scheme details.


Fact Find Meeting

Your client will be asked to watch our ‘Triage’ video and review a series of case studies. This provides even more insight to help them decide whether they wish to continue with the advice process. If they agree to proceed, their dedicated Financial Adviser will carry out a detailed ‘Fact Find’ meeting via telephone to gather as much information as possible about their financial life and talk in detail about their objectives.


Initial Advice

This Abridged Advice, is a shortened form of regulated advice which will determine whether a transfer out of your client's Defined Benefit scheme is unsuitable or unclear. This will be presented to them as an Initial Advice report.


Full Advice

If the outcome of the Initial Advice is unclear, your client is able to choose to proceed through to Full Advice. This will involve a full comprehensive analysis of their pension scheme, in order to deliver a personal recommendation. A full report will be issued to your client and an advice meeting will be held with their dedicated Financial Adviser. The outcome of the advice will either be for your client to transfer your pension or alternatively maintain their pension in its current place.



Should a transfer be deemed suitable and your client wishes to proceed, we will issue them the required documents and facilitate the transfer.At this point, once our fee has been paid we will notify you allowing you to take over the servicing rights and therefore retain the funds under management.

Our Fees

Our Abridged Advice service is free.

If the client proceeds to Full Advice our fees are as follows:

Fee Structure

Fund ValueFee
First £50,0003%
All Remaining2.5%
Minimum Fee£2,995
Maximum Fee£14,950

Example Fees

Fund Value TransferredFee PercentageFee
£75,000Minimum Fee£2,995

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