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Why carry out a pension check?

You may have been paying into a private pension for years, in the hope that when you come to retirement, your pension will enable you to enjoy years of relaxation and fun. However, do you know how much your pension is worth and how much income you will receive from it?

Our pension check service

We believe that if you look after your private pension today, it will look after you in retirement. Our pension check service can assess your pension performance including its value, growth, the fees you’re paying and what will be the best way to access your funds in retirement.

  • Free Pension Check Form

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The pension check service can also advise you on the below:-

Pension Transfers – Once we’ve assessed your current private pensions that could include old workplace pensions, we will search the whole market to see if there is a better or more suitable pension for you. If there is, we can help facilitate and transfer your pension into this new policy.

Find out more about pension transfer here

Pension Drawdown – Whether you’re looking to take a 25% tax-free lump sum or want a flexible way to access your pension funds when in retirement, our pension specialists can advise on the drawdown options.

Find out more about Pension Drawdown here

Pension Consolidation – If you’re lucky enough to have multiple private pensions or old workplace pensions, it may be easier to manage your retirement funds by moving your pensions into one place. Our pension specialists will assess each pension and can advise on whether it is beneficial to move one or all your pensions into one fund.

Retirement Planning – When it comes to retirement, it’s not just about how much your pension is worth and your retirement lifestyle, it can be looking to secure your dependants future too. Our pension check service will also cover how best to plan for your retirement.

Defined Benefit Pensions – Our pension specialists can advise and check on your defined benefit (final salary) pension. We can assess whether transferring your DB pension to a more flexible defined contribution pension is right for you.

Find out more about defined benefit pensions here.

Pension Check Report

Our free, without commitment pension check, will deliver a comprehensive report covering your current pension performance, recommendations where appropriate and retirement planning advice. Throughout the service, we always have you in mind, and our advice will always be in your best financial interests.

Pension Works is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Get started today!

If your pension funds are valued over £30,000, and you’re looking at your pension options, fill out the call me back form and one of our pension experts will contact you. If you have your national insurance number and pension provider name handy, start your pension check online by clicking here.

How much could you be losing?

Simply select your pension pot size and age below using the sliders to calculate how much your pension could grow by transferring to a scheme with lower fees.

Figures based on comparisons between pension policies charging 0.5%, 1% or 2% annual provider charges. Pension fund value assumed 5% annual growth. This calculator is for illustration purposes only. Please note investments can go down as well as up.

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