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Private Pensions

Can we improve your
private pension performance?


Private pensions are one of the most tax efficient ways to save for your future, primarily due to the tax relief HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) provides on the payments you make into your pension.

For your private pension to grow, the funds are often invested in stocks, shares and other assets including bonds and property but not all pension funds have the same growth performance, management fees or benefits.


Private Pension Assessment - Pension Works

What is a
private pension?

Private Pensions are typically called Defined Contribution and are individual contracts between you and the pension provider. They can either be set-up by you or by your employer through a workplace pension scheme.

To give financial security in retirement, people regularly pay into a pension for it to grow and in the case of a workplace pension, the employer could also contribute. For further growth, the pension provider will invest those funds, often in stocks, shares or alternative investments depending on the risk profile of the pension fund.

Can you only have
one private pension?

There is no limit to the number of pensions a person can hold, and many people have multiple Defined Contribution pensions that they have either started directly or through old workplace schemes. When you come to retire, the size of your pension fund and retirement income you could receive will depend on many factors including:

  • How long you have saved into your pensions
  • How much you and your employer have paid (if a workplace pension)
  • How much money you may have taken out previously in a lump sum
  • How well your pension investments have performed
  • The fees & charges taken out by your pension provider

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Take professional advice

We always recommend that you take professional advice to ensure you’re making the right decisions with your financial future. The right advice and the right pension fund can make a huge difference to your retirement.

Our job as pension specialists mean we will assess all of your current pensions and deliver a comprehensive report that will outline your options. The report will also explain how your current pensions are performing and whether there is a more suitable policy for you on the market. We call our service a ‘Pension HealthCheck’, it is entirely free and without obligation.

If our advice includes moving your current pension to a more suitable provider, we can handle this for you, making it as smooth and straightforward as possible. Our fees for this service are among the lowest in the industry.