Retirement Planning - Mother & Daughter

Retirement Planning - Mother & Daughter Baking

Who Can We Help?

Due to the constraints and terms of various pension funds, our Free Pension HealthCheck can only advise people who fit into the below criteria:

We can advise on:

  • Private or personal pensions
  • Old workplace pensions
  • Defined benefit (final salary) pensions
  • Pensions valued over £10,000

We can’t advise on:

  • State pension enquiries
  • Unfunded public-sector pensions (E.g NHS)
  • Non-UK residents or looking to leave the UK
  • If you’re already receiving annuity payments
  • Pensions valued under £10,000

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Managing your money

Getting financial planning advice before accessing your personal pension pot can go a long way to reducing your financial worries in later life. With people’s life expectancy increasing, you will spend more time in retirement than ever before, plus you may have health and care costs to consider.

The changes in pension rules have given those about to retire far greater freedom when it comes to using their pension pot, but freedom brings with it greater individual responsibility.

It is agreed that spending in retirement tends to follow the same trend regardless of your financial situation. People often spend more retirement income in the early, more active years of their retirement, with spending decreasing in the middle years and increasing again later in life with potential medical expenses more likely to be required.


Peace of mind

We work with all major UK pension providers, allowing us to find the pension that helps you meet your retirement goals and ensures your retirement is in experienced hands.

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