Pension Sharing Reports

Pensions are often overlooked in the course of divorce proceedings, despite them regularly being one of the most valuable assets. These pensions introduce a range of intricate issues that require thorough and careful examination.

What do we provide?

We provide pension sharing reports to solicitors and their clients, to enable clients to reach a settlement with regards to the divison of pensions upon divorce. Pensions are often one of the most valuable and least understood of the matrimonial assets.

They are far too complex to be summarised in the 5 relevant boxes provided in part 2.13 of Form E (the pensions asset information section of the Financial Statement Form required as part of formal disclosure in divorce cases). Our pension sharing report provides calculations to indicate which pensions could be shared and in what percentages. If pension sharing is not required, then the equivalent values of those pension shares for offsetting purposes can also be provided.

Our commitment to you

  • Targeted two-week timescale for each report.
  • Pension Works request and gather all scheme information.
  • Reports are issued by an experienced Actuary, all calculations peer reviewed.
  • Fees are benchmarked to be amongst the most affordable in the industry from only £1,495+VAT.
  • We offer a free consultation with a qualified financial adviser to give clients an understanding of their financial situation and options post-divorce.

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We always put our customers first and are proud to be rated 'Excellent' on Trustpilot.

Independent and unbiased

We work with the most trusted and well-known pension names in the UK.

Fixed, transparent costs

We are upfront and transparent about any costs from the outset.

FCA Regulated

We are fully Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for your peace of mind.

Trusted by over 1,500 financial advice firms

We work with over 1,500 financial advice firms across the UK to provide specialist pension advice to their clients.

Our advice is always delivered with the highest standard of customer service, care and compliance.

Who prepares the report?

The report is prepared by one of our team of specialists. They will assess the various pension valuations to determine whether they should be divided between the parties and to what extent they should be shared to ensure fairness.

The report sets out the options for sharing and can be used to negotiate the financial settlement between the divorcing parties. It may be that one party receives a greater share of other assets such as the proceeds from the sale of the family home in exchange for not receiving a share of the pensions. This is known as offsetting. Alternatively, if a share of the pension is provided, this is known as pension sharing.

Timescales & Fees

We are committed to providing the reports in an efficient and timely manner. We manage the entire process, including requesting and chasing all the necessary information from pension schemes. Our normal timescale to complete and issue a pension sharing report is two weeks after receiving all scheme information.

We are careful to ensure that our fees are competitive, fair and transparent.

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From only £1,495+VAT
2 Week turnaround
Trusted by 1,500 firms

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