Have a £100,000 pension pot? Can you retire?

Have a £100,000 pension pot?

Can you retire comfortably?


Throughout your working career, you and your employers may have been paying into a workplace pension, but can you retire with a £100,000 pension pot?

According to research from Which? The average UK household will need £26,000 per annum to cover the basics and enjoy a comfortable retirement*.

Using the above figures, your pension fund may only last three or four years in pension drawdown or buying an annuity may make it last a little longer.

All is not lost though, making a few small changes today through our Pension HealthCheck could boost your pension pot substantially.


Do you have a pension fund of £100,000

Can you boost your £100,000 pension pot?

If you’re looking at ways of increasing your pension fund of £100,000 without increasing your monthly deposits, then checking the management fees could be a great place to start. Reducing your management charges from 3% to 0.5% may not seem a lot, but this could equate to £1,000s of pounds extra when you come to retire.

Our Pension HealthCheck will assess whether the fees you are paying are restricting your pension pots performance, potentially helping you along the way to a larger retirement fund.

To use our Pension Calculator, enter your pension pot size and age below, to see how much potential your private pension has to grow:

Lowering your charges, could boost your £100,000 pension pot.